SaaS and enterprise mobile security vendor Bitglass claims the adoption of cloud security technologies lags cloud adoption, leaving many Australian and New Zealand organisations at risk of a data breach.

According to the Bitglass 2018 Cloud Adoption Report, while 81% of organisations worldwide and 84% of organisations in Australia and New Zealand are leveraging cloud productivity suites, relatively few are securing their use of cloud with single sign-on. The data for the report was collected by performing an automated analysis of 135,000 corporate email domains.

And Bitglass says that despite the fact that SSO is a critical security tool in the enterprise, about two-thirds of organisations are failing to utilise it in Australia and New Zealand.

“Cloud adoption is showing no signs of slowing down in Australia and New Zealand, with SaaS productivity platforms like Office 365 now deployed in a majority of organisations in the region,” said David Shephard, vice-president of Sales for Asia Pacific.

“Unfortunately, businesses still lack basic security functionality like single sign-on. The cloud-first enterprise can no longer afford to forego cloud-first security solutions.”bitglass

In addition to revealing adoption metrics for single sign-on, Bitglass’ 2018 Cloud Adoption Report uncovers deployment rates for a host of different cloud-based tools, including Office 365, G Suite, AWS, Slack, Box, and Salesforce.

Bitglass says its analysis indicated that global cloud adoption had topped 81% — a 37% increase since 2016 and a 238% increase since 2014 — while in Australia and New Zealand, cloud adoption had reached 84%.

And the research reveals that just over a quarter of Australian and New Zealand organisations (26%) now use SSO solutions, a “mere one third” of those using the cloud – and Bitglass says this disparity suggests that two-thirds of companies in the region will suffer breaches related to improper authentication.

Also revealed by the research is:

•    Office365 now boasts more than twice as many deployments as G Suite worldwide. In Australia and New Zealand the trend holds – G Suite usage stands at 27% while Office 365 adoption has reached 57%.

•    Amazon Web Services has emerged as the go-to infrastructure-as-a-service solution. While 13.8% of companies worldwide are using AWS, those in Australia and New Zealand seem more eager to leverage Amazon’s IaaS offering, boasting a 22% adoption rate.

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