Bitglass And Okta Announce Technology Partnership For Advanced Access And Security For Cloud

Bitglass, the Next-Gen CASB company, and Okta, an independent provider of identity for the enterprise, announced a technology partnership to bring real-time data and threat protection to enterprises moving to the cloud.

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Commvault apresenta quatro produtos de backup e gerenciamento de dados

Commvault anuncia novos produtos mais simplificados, com preços e pacotes que facilitam o pagamento, a implementação e a venda das soluções Commvault. Com essas mudanças, a companhia passa a oferecer soluções convergentes de gerenciamento de dados redefinindo como as empresas protegem, gerenciam e usam seus dados.

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How Strong is Your SMB Security Strategy?

SMBs today are under attack from malware, ransomware, external threats and data breaches. But, with the lack of sophistication around most SMBs security stances, the prospect of remaining unaffected by attacks is bleak. So, SMB’s and MSPs servicing them need a security strategy with maximum impact, but with a minimal investment in time and budget.

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Bitglass Security Spotlight: Twitter, PyRoMine, & Stresspaint

Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks:

  • Twitter exposes user credentials in plaintext
  • PyRoMine mines Monero and disables security
  • Stresspaint malware hunts Facebook credentials
  • MassMiner malware mines cryptocurrency
  • Access Group Education Lending breached

Cloud Security Trailing Cloud App Adoption in 2018

In recent years, the cloud has attracted countless organizations with its promises of increased productivity, improved collaboration, and decreased IT overhead. As more and more companies migrate, more and more cloud-based tools arise.

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Bitglass warns of data breach risks as cloud adoption increases

SaaS and enterprise mobile security vendor Bitglass claims the adoption of cloud security technologies lags cloud adoption, leaving many Australian and New Zealand organisations at risk of a data breach.

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Commvault amplia recursos de gerenciamento de dados para Microsoft Office 365

Empresa ajuda service providers e clientes a gerenciar, migrar e proteger dados no Office 365 por meio da Commvault Data Plataform.

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Active Directory User Login History – Audit all Successful and Failed Logon Attempts

The ability to collect, manage and analyze logs of login events has always been a good source of troubleshooting and diagnostic information. Logons are the one common activity across nearly all attack patterns. They provide one of the clearest indicators of compromise to help protect company data and thwart attacks. The need to provide a centralized history of login events is also a mandatory component of many security standards and governance policies.

UserLock means you can be sure to quickly obtain the audit events needed and avoid an event log tsuanmi:

  1. All access events (from both Windows and Mac Users) on all machines and devices, across all different session types (Interactive, Wi-Fi, VPN and IIS) are saved in real-time within a database to provide a central audit across the network.
  2. Powerful filtering and search allows you to focus only on insightful information.
  3. UserLock is sufficiently scalable, meaning it works the same whether you have 100 or 100,000 users.
  4. UserLock is tamper-proof – unlike the ease of wiping logs in native Active Directory. With UserLock, all administrator activity is stringently audited and securely archived.
  5. Installation of UserLock takes minutes and can be done on any server member of the domain. There is no requirement to use a Domain Controller Server.
  6. UserLock is a non disruptive technology that won’t frustrate you. As a client server application it works alongside Active Directory to extend, not replace security. No modifications are made to Active Directory or its schema.

Comprehensive reports on every session access event

When it comes to a full history of all domain user login behavior, UserLock collects a wide range of event parameters per each domain account. Each of these parameters can be added to reports and filtered on to generate your own historical report. All successful and failed logon attempts can be included. The reason for rejected logons by both Active Directory and UserLock’s own restrictions are also detailed.

Privilege users can also be closely monitored. A full history of all system and admin user logins helps protects both the organisation and the admin. For example, if ever there were an incident, the admin could easily demonstrate that it was not him or her that used the admin account or service account to access data or system.

All Active Directory User Session History:

userlock active directory user login history

Reports are configured easily in the UserLock console.

Common report filters include time parameters – especially important in terms of readability of the report. You can also audit the logs per specific entities – other than users – for example by group or OU. You can also choose to report on an archived database by changing the database target source.

active directory user login history configuration report

Schedule reports

A full report history of all login connections for a user and/or for a machine can also be easily scheduled to be sent directly to your mailbox. This is especially useful if you need to regularly review a report, for example the session history of the past week.

New predefined reports on specific types of logins and login attempts.

Report on all domain users with simultaneous sessions opened within a given day:

report concurrent logins history

Report on all session history to Microsoft IIS Servers (E.g. web apps such as Outlook Web Access):


Report on all access attempts rejected by Active Directory. This includes multiple logon failure attempts:


UserLock’s centralized audit on all network login events allows you to easily generate detailed reports to track down security threats, support forensics and prove regulatory compliance.

But UserLock does not stop at auditing. The login is the most compelling point at which to both monitor as well as stop potentially inappropriate access from ever happening.

Through real-time monitoring and access alerts, you can add another layer to your security strategy – detection, and through UserLock’s contextual logon restrictions (time of day, which machines, how many concurrent logins, etc.) you can prevent inappropriate use of credentials and shift the model to one of prevention.


Commvault ampliou integração com Azure Stack

A plataforma do fabricante passa a poder recorrer ao OneDrive na indexação e localização de dados.

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NetInsight: Advanced Network Analytics for a Mobile First Campus

Great network connectivity is a base expectation these days. People want to move about freely, working and communicating how they please. But for many organizations, it can be harder and harder to assure a great Wi-Fi experience as mobile demand grows.  People commonly use multiple mobile devices, and IoT devices are on the rise as organizations deploy surveillance cameras, smart lighting and sensors to create digital workplaces.

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